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OMG I Got a Job!

Finally finally finally! My job search has began in January 6th and has ended up successfully in April 2nd. What a great day :D. – 3 job offers were turned down(only the bad ones) – 1 phone interview didn’t pass – 1 interview didn’t pass – sent out at least 20-30 resumes – went directly … Continue reading

mission // vision // values

ilovemycrazyboss mission: sharing and exchanging experiences at a work place - successes, challenges, regrets, struggles, boredom, freedom, anxiety, team work, and may others that usually are kept for ourselves.

ilovemycrazyboss vision: learning from each other's lessons and succeding together, in fact: building our career together, supporting each other day by day.

ilovemycrazyboss values: work ethics, honesty, respect for people, being open to new ideas and a sense of freedom in sharing each one's experience

// ilovemycrazyboss will be glad to receive your comments, ideas, and advice

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